About us

We are a platform and community for children's models or children who have the ambition to become a model. We really enjoy bringing people together. This way the Little Dutch Models can get to know each other better and maybe even build a friendship with someone with the same passion. In addition to beautiful friendships, we also hope to bring models together for great collaborations.

Our team

Penelope Willis

Penelope Willis is the owner of Little Dutch Models. Besides being the owner, she is a photographer. She is also a full-time mother of the beautiful Summer. Summer is a child model. As a mother of a child model, her idea was born for this platform. Penelope's motto is respecting every person and that everyone is beautiful and unique in his or her own way!

Inez Hulsman

Inez Hulsman is the CO founder of Little Dutch Models. As a creative director and community manager, we can already see what kind of go-getter we are dealing with. Inez does not stop until she is satisfied. Inez is also the mother of a cool boy. She previously worked at out-of-school care and is therefore very good with children. As an old model she has experience in the modeling world. This combination makes her perfect as an employee of Little Dutch Models. And Inez's motto? Exactly the same as Penelope's! This also ensures the good working atmosphere and cooperation between these two women.